What kind of private information do you store?

If you do not login, we do not store any private information about you.

If you decide to sign in we store your Steam Id and current name on the Steam community as provided by the Steam Web API. For signing up you may also be asked to give us your Reddit username, email address and/or Discord name, which will then be stored for further usage.

Why do you need this information?

We need your Steam ID for allowing you to use our Dota 2 bot inside the game. Your Reddit Username and your email address allows us to contact you about important matters regarding RD2L in the future. Linking your Discord account allows us to automatically assign you roles in our Discord as well as to allow you to use our Dota 2 lobby hosting bots.

Will my information be shared with third parties?

If you decide to give us your email address it will never be shared with anyone. The Steam Id and Reddit Username may be made available to everyone on this site if you sign up.

What are those cookies you're setting?

We're only setting session cookies to make sure we can identify you when you log into the site.